Al-Makkah is established to offer dedicated healthcare services in Middle Eastern countries. It is a UAE-based company that works with M.oh and school authority to build a healthy society so that future generations are aware of the healthcare issues and able to opt for preventive measures. The pharmacy is successfully serving its mission of time and quality meanwhile satisfying customer needs for over a decade.

As located in the heart of city, Al-Makkah is a leading pharmacy in Sharjah that is committed to provide outstanding healthcare facilities to the community. With its 24/7 customer service, the pharmacy aims to provide medicinal facilities to patients as well as medical equipments to hospitals for surgical rooms and test labs. Apart from that, you will find highly trained and experienced staff at Al-Makkah who provides a comprehensive guide on the usage of the medicine. They will tell you how to take a medicine, when to take it, its benefits and side effects. We have a trained staff from St. John Ambulance Training who specialize in providing first aid as per international standards. We offer numerous healthcare programs in schools, shopping malls and exhibitions to promote healthcare awareness among the community members.

The pharmacy not only provides quality medicine but also great customer care services that keeps our customers happy. It aims to specialize in other fields such as safety and first aid to provide equipment and tools for improved healthcare services. The pharmacy just not provides medicines as per prescription but also checks and confirms with the doctor. In case, if the medicine is not available in the stock then the customers can place their order and receive it within few days.

The success of Al-Makkah is the result of Dr. Mushfiq's commitment and dedication to the profession. Being a prosperous businessman and devoted health service provider, he does not follow conventional rules but uses creative thinking to keep updated with latest technologies. Apart from that, he also consults his wife, his sole partner, to achieve the goals of becoming the nation's best pharmacy store.

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